SHADES Behind the scenes

This is a NANOWRIMO “Behind the Scenes” post.

   First of all, I have to say that I have never seen a Blender tutorial online be quite emphatic enough about how important it is to NAME EACH ASSET correctly.  While Importing the children into the red brick school set, I had to rename each body from “body” to “child1.body,”  And all the hair.  And the armature rig.  And the lattices, and the eyeballs.  And there were 11 people in that set, plus a car and a gun!

 Secondly, layout is important.  For each page, when I think I’m done, I change it to grayscale, and make sure that my figures aren’t lost in the background.  When working with color, it’s easier to make a character pop with a blue shirt on a gray wall.  In black and white, that looks a little muddy.  Then I do a “Threshold”, which basically converts everything to large areas of black and white.  I make sure that the flow of the eye is drawn from the top left to the bottom right.  changing that flow help subconsciously mess with the viewer.  For example, in page six, the rooftop is angled the “wrong” way, and that helps me keep a little tension in the reader’s mind.

That’s all for now! 

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