New Art

So, I’m working on a big scifi story…  I think it’ll be at least the end of the year before I get all the models done, but Kheprit is the story of a soldier who is recovering the shattered, stolen hardware of one of the Great Nine artificial intelligences: OSIRIS. Along the way she picks up some companions, the beautiful miner Dale and his adventurous wife Kaylee (her name is a placeholder, His is a Dale Arden homage)

See, humans have developed FTL travel, and it works by poking a wormhole through another dimension. But that dimension isn’t empty, and so humans developed these AI to protect them from the Eldrich Horrors that might come through on a badly calculated jump.

Lovecraft+Egyptian mythology+scifi.  How great is that idea?

But I wanted to try a more realistic style for this art.  So here’s a sample shot of Kheprit so far.  Warning, I haven’t modeled her flight suit yet, so she’s not wearing pants.Kheprt_0507_Sample

As always, feel free to comment.  I’m probably going to have to do more modeling work on her hands and make a shoulder deformation fix when her arms are up like this.  Also, her arms need a little more definition

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