June Update – Mall Stores

So, for Shades 2 I need to have a scene set in the mall.  And I needed some background stores.  I tried making my own backgrounds here:

Mall1 As you can see, the walls are flat with a store plastered on, and it looks REALLY fake.  1990 Doom era bad CGI.  I tried to add some depth with the doorway, but the warping makes it really hard to draw the inside of the black and white store.

Even a downloaded texture from cgtextures.com would look flat.  I needed to look at some real mall photos for reference.


And what I saw is that they all had a “front” and then I could add a texture inside the store.  So I tried that.

Mall2Better, but the all glass front of the “sole-less ” store is problematic.  And the doors look a little blocky, and Covers looks still too similar to Harbinger’s.  Still, this is promising.

Once of the best parts is that it’s the same interior of a store for all three stores, but with a little UV manipulation, it looks like three different stores.  I think I can get away with three storefront textures, and a variety of store names and fonts for the signage.  A little bit of tint variation will help with the interior of the stores too.

The moral of the story is this-> get some reference, and then realize that there’s only so much you can do with a flat image.  But draw the eye elsewhere (to the store front), and you can get away with a flat interior of the store.

As always, comments are appreciated.

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